Response Groups Part 1: Basic Hunt Group

The next few entries I am going to cover the new Response Group feature that is available in OCS R2. But before I begin I just want to mention an odd occurrence with certificates and this service. Subject alternate names in certificates is important when trying to get this service running. If you notice the service is not coming up check the order of the subject alternate names. I don’t have the exact details on hand so I will follow up this post with more details but being aware of this could certainly be helpful when troubleshooting.

The basic hunt group is certainly basic as the name suggests. The user can call a DID or select the contact within MOC with no options or welcome message but there are different alternate paths should no users be online which depend on what the situation is, which makes the feature very powerful. I hope that I have captured the essence of the basic hunt that certainly makes understanding what is going on a little easier once we get to the more complex scenarios.

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