Presence and CE API Applications

Recently I created a couple of Github repositories both of which revolve around CE based endpoints. The first application called "Telehealth Presence Application" adds presence to video endpoints within Jabber but also adds a Spark administration chat interface to make for easy administration. I also added some features like broadcasting a on screen message to all video endpoints that were more experimentation than target request.  Go here.


The second application aims to make administering Cisco video endpoints a little easier by providing a script to deploy either branding, wallpaper and backup-bundle to multiple endpoints. If deploying the branding options, the script will also check your endpoint version to ensure it has branding capabilities and if not deploys wallpaper. It also has the ability to downloads troubleshooting logs from a single endpoint that are commonly requested by TAC. While using the script as-is is an option, ideally this is more design to show how it's done so people can use the desired function in their own code. Go here.

Go Tiger.


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