XMPP to Spark Bot - Sorry Jabber, Thanks for the Memories!

This is a small post because its a small program! Okay that's just a terrible joke. But I have had a lot of interest in this little bot I wrote internally at Cisco. I haven't published this anywhere else so call it a VoIPNorm exclusive if you will but here is the code to my "I am leaving you Jabber for a better place bot!" To long?

You can basically run this bot in any Nodejs environment. If your familiar at all with Jabber you will know this is just a XMPP client connecting to the WebEx Messenger service but this could be any XMPP client/server platform. Feel free to change up the messages and also what you present as your presence status. This bot will log on to Jabber as you, update your presence and send any communication from Jabber back into a one one one room in Cisco Spark.I did have an issue with dropped XMPP connections shutting down the service but fixed that by creating a function that could be used by the closed event to reopen the connection to the XMPP service.

I wrote this bot for a bit of fun and education, it is a hack to be sure. I never intended it as a mass production application but when people see it and try it I always get requests for the code. So if you love to hack and write code just for your own personal enjoyment this should be right up your alley. Enjoy!

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