Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard

I have had a few different companies recently that have been asking for more information around the Attendant Console Standard. Typically these types of applications require separate servers to run into an existing call control platform. A lot of the time it requires a third party even for simple attendee console requirements.

Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard changes that considerably. It runs against CUCM without any more infrastructure and has the same look and feel as other Cisco UC apps. It does a nice job of integrating into Jabber presence and also busy lamp field in the directory. For Lync presence integration the Advanced client is required but that comes with its own infrastructure and is also aimed at heavy call environment.

Standard is aimed at more of a department reception role or branch operations but could also fill the requirement for smaller companies . There is a limit of 5000 imported contacts. Dedicated operators with higher call volumes are better served with the Advanced console.

Below is the architecture used with CUACS, its really pretty basic. CUCM and pick your presence engine either CUPS or WebEx Messenger. CUACS also supports using Jabber as the voice endpoint even though from my experience most people working in reception/operator roles prefer hard endpoints:

Below is a screenshot of the Console running on my Windows machine using a 7841 as the voice endpoint. It’s a drag and drop application so I can take current calls in progress and drag and drop them into the parked area. Makes this operation pretty simple.


I could not get a way to load up my machine with calls but the stock shot below shows it pretty well managing multiple lines.


Time for a virtual demo:

Attendant console isn't going to change the world and it is a standard voice application but CUACS goes a long way to simplifying it. By limiting the amount of licensing and servers its going to make lives of many easier when faced by a busy Exec Admin or reception area.


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