DevNet Hackathon At Cisco Live in May - Jabber Guest

To all you budding collaboration developers out there this will be one great event. If you can develop a website using HTML and JavaScript then you can certainly use Jabber Guest to help add collaboration to a website workflow.

Excerpt from the website:

We'll be pre-releasing the Jabber Guest APIs soon, and making them available in the DevNet zone at Cisco Live in May in San Francisco

Find out more about the DevNet zone at Cisco Live and register to attend for $49.

In the DevNet Hackathon at Cisco Live, you'll be able to get your hands on the APIs, work with them within a Sandbox environment, ask us questions, and develop whatever you can to show us at the end of the 24 hours, to hopefully blow the judges' minds!

If you need proof how easy it is to use Jabber Guest, well check the link below. If a hack like me can do it than any web designer can take advantage of Jabber Guest.


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