Device Review: Jabra UC Motion and Speak 510 MS

In my previous post I talked about the new offerings from Plantronics. Well it wasn't long before Jabra sent me their latest and greatest with the UC Motion and Speak 510. Between the two different offerings from each vendor there are some differences and depending on what you want I am sure there is a solution available for what you need. I am not going to compare the sets of devices from the different vendors here. I really like products from both vendors and they have both come a long way in the last couple of years with some great offerings.

Jabra UC Motion

Jabra’s new Bluetooth headset has a lot going for it. It really is packaged great and although the travel case is a bit bulky in your pocket it is sturdy and will protect your investment. In my book a sturdy case is a good thing because my laptop bag gets thrown around while traveling. I also think that the case is a good size to add more features to in the future like a battery backup charge. What impresses me even more though is how they put the inside of the case together to be a complete place to store everything and also act as a stand.


The ear piece is well put together. I have found it pretty comfortable and the fact that closing the boom turns the device off is smart. The only thing I have issue with is the volume slider. Its kind of odd and although it works just fine I do find it a little difficult to adjust the volume with at times. The dongle for plugging into the PC is, well a dongle:) I do like the LED indicators to show your on a call and its probably one of the smallest I have seen.

I like this device a lot and have used it with Lync and my cell phone and both have worked great. I believe this is their best headset yet across all headset classes and competes well with Plantronics similar offerings. Nice job Jabra.

Jabra Speak 510 MS

I do and always have had a preference for the Jabra Speak 410. The Speak 410 was a great device and I think what Jabra did to improve on this device was smart and appropriate. The Speak 510 MS adds a nice Bluetooth capability but still kept the ability to use the USB cable connection as a way to utilize the device and not just as a charging port. Good choice in my opinion.


The 510 is going to be the device to beat in this category. For a small compact speaker phone I have used it in meeting rooms that can seat 16 people successfully. Although microphone extensions would be handy, its such a great device that in most circumstances they really are not required.

I have used the Bluetooth option paired to my cell phone and with Lync on an iPad and both worked flawlessly. It really is a leading class device that keeps getting better. This is one device that I cant say anything negative about. I carry one with me everywhere I go.

Overall Jabra has done a great job on these devices and in my opinion their build quality and comfort for the wireless headset has improved considerably over previous offerings. I am looking forward to what they can do to keep improving these already impressive products.


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  1. Hello Chris, I just found your blog searching for the Jabra 510 Series. Can you tell me, is there a real difference between the 510 UC and 510 MS? What does "optimized for Lync" really mean? I need a device that supports both Skype and Lync, and other relevant clients for that matter. I'd be greatful for any advise on what to choose - thanks:)



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