Lync 2013 iPhone and iPad Apps Released–Video on the iPad

So the good times keep on rolling with the release of the new Lync 2013 iPhone and iPad clients today. Below are some screenshots of the new client for the iPad. Names, URL’s and personal info are removed but you get the idea. I haven’t covered ever feature but really focused in on the new video and desktop sharing capabilities.

As with all the new mobile apps, even though this feature has always been part of the iPad client, we have the days calendar with Lync enabled meetings highlighted blue. When selecting a Lync meeting your presented with a similar screenshot below:


Once you launch into the meeting you get the active speaker listed in the screen:

iPad 2

Launching video is pretty simple:

iPad 3

Here is the active speaker video with my preview from the iPad in the lower right-hand corner. The active speaker in this case in the Lync Web App I have running on my home PC (sorry you only get the side of my head) :

iPad 4

More video with the controls exposed:

iPad 5

Desktop sharing viewing, this was generated from the Lync 2013 WebApp which by the way is also very cool:

iPad 6

Switching between front and rears cameras is a easy as pressing a button:

iPad 7

My preview has now changed to the rear camera:

iPad 8

Participant list view:

iPad 9

Current conversation and conversation history view:


All my screenshots were taken during a single meeting occurrence so there is no need to restart meetings to change your view or any need to change apps (like some other vendors :-) )

For more info about the release of the clients see below:

iPad & iPhone clients

WP8 Client

And don’t forget the Windows Store Lync App which recently just got updated

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  1. Does it support for Lync 2010 ? I am not able to login to lync 2013 App we have lync 2010 server. Does this support Voice over Wi-fi.

    1. Hi VA,

      Refer to my earlier blog post for compatibility to Lync 2010. For now you will have to stick with Lync 2010 until your admins upgrade your Lyn server infrastructure to Lync Server 2013 CU1. When that occurs you will be able to do voice and video on the iOS devices with the Lync 2013 client.

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  5. Great post! I need to install the next version to see what happens. Have you ever taken you devices in for apple repair? Sometimes it is a hassle in the stores, much better to do it online.

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