My Favorite Things from 2012

Just like Oprah, I to have a list of my favorite things. There are a few exceptions, I don’t have a screaming manic audience and I am not going to give away everything in my list. Last year about this time I came out with my favorite things from 2011 and just like last year I am going to expand my list beyond Lync.

Microsoft Surface - The long awaited  Microsoft answer to the iPad. I have been using my Surface with Windows RT for the last few weeks and even though I have been on vacation I have to admit the Surface experience has been great so far. I am looking forward to using it more in a work environment and giving the Lync App a work out. Highlights for me so far have been the touch coverNetflix App and IE 10. I am actually writing this blog on my Surface inside a browser.

Windows 8 - I have been using Win 8 for about 7 months now. I really love it. Using machines with Windows 7 seems  like a step backward. The secret in my opinion to Windows 8 is search. Once you understand how to use search its a whole new experience. I have heard people mention the missing start button but I have never found that to be an issue. There are developers that have made apps to bring the start button back but I have always found using search more effective and useful than the start button even in Windows 7.

Plantronics Calisto 620-M - I consider this Plantronics's answer to Jabra's Speak 410 which has been a very popular device. From what I have seen from the 620 so far it certainly has a lot going for it. Being Bluetooth enabled certainly has some great advantages. I always felt limited by the USB tether of other speaker phones so being able to throw the speaker out to any location in the room with Bluetooth is pretty slick. I am looking forward to see what Jabra responds with.

Logitech BCC950 - I have been using this device for a while now and just love it. Its a great low cost conference cam option. It works great with Lync 2013, particularly the new HD capabilities.

AMC's TheWalking Dead - Season 4 is living up to all expectations. As a long time fan of the horror movie genre the new rise in horror shows such as The Walking Dead and American Horror Story have been welcomed new arrivals over the usual reality TV that seems to dominate a lot of the TV networks.

Seattle's 2012 summer - Seems like an odd thing to include but this year Seattle's summer was dry and long. A big change from recent years. This also meant my gardening efforts paid off big time. I hauled in over 100 pounds of produce from out tiny 500 square foot garden. Below is a mid season photo.

I haven't blogged to many posts recently due to time limitations. Hopefully 2013 I can get back to more frequent posts.

Happy Holidays everyone.


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