St Luke’s Health System Using Lync to Power a Telehealth Cart

I don’t talk too much about case studies here on VoIPNorm but this one in particular is very special to me. I have been working with the team at St Lukes for the last few years and have seen the telehealth cart they constructed in use out at their remote Fruitland facility. It’s a great example of putting together a low cost solution on Lync that’s providing great benefits to their patients.

Case study:

Even the CEO at St Luke's got in on Tweeting the story!


Below are a few photos from a day trip I took out to the St Luke's Fruitland facility to see the telehealth cart in action. The first photo is out the back of the Fruitland facility. It’s a pretty remote area and one of the few places that in area patients can receive treatment other than driving into Boise which is a couple of hours drive.


The cart in use with a couple of the St Luke's team doing a demo. Kevin Mark seen below is also quoted in both the published articles. Using Lync with remote clinics has allowed patients on demand access to specialists that may only visit the clinic in person periodically for scheduled appointments.The telehealth program has reduced appointment wait times by nearly 7 days! Amazing.

front of cart 3

Kevin taking a picture of the off cart experience for the dietitians when conducting a virtual meeting with a patient.


The team at St Lukes are doing a great job and I feel honored to be able to support them and see their progress. Check out the case study, it’s worth the few minutes it takes to read.


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