Device Review: HP 4120 Lync Phone Edition

As most people are already aware HP announced their Lync IP phones quite a while ago. I finally got one today so I thought I would post a couple of quick pictures of what they look like and also a comparison of what the Aastra 6725ip looks like side by side.

HP Phone 2

There is considerable size difference in the phone models between the two vendors as seen below.

HP Phone

I happen to like the size and key layout of the HP phone although if you’re short on desk space it might be worth considering a smaller option. To me the phone feels more executive just because of the size of it. I think the size also changes the acoustics a little and the stand really allows a great upright position. The Aastra phone sits pretty flat and I find myself leaning over to use it. The HP phone was very upright and seems to meet the eye a little better because of the changed angle.

My first few calls have been pretty good and I like the sound quality. I did a direct comparison with against the Aastra 6725ip using the Lync test service and I think the HP phone was more than comparable in this area. Of course the firmware was identical so any comparison of features would be a waste of time so its more a question of physical attributes if deciding between various phone vendors.

One thing I noticed when I plugged in the Ethernet cables was that I had the LAN and PC cables in the wrong ports. The phone firmware told me that this was the case which I thought was neat but all Lync Phone Edition devices should function the same way regardless of vendor. I have not seen this feature with other popular platforms so I thought it was worthy of a mention.

Overall another great option with the same familiar Lync Phone Edition firmware.



  1. I had 2 observations regading HP:

    - even the smaller/cheaper model (4110) features the full loudspeaker-with-microphone thing. That's unique compared with Polycom and Aastra!

    - no mechanical on/off-hook detection, results in much more comportable placement of the handset. I like this.

  2. We evaluated the HP 4120 phones as well as part of our project but will probably go with the Polycoms. Here were our observations.

    1. Sound quality was as good as any of the other phones
    2. Has more conventional phone look

    1. Screen is hard to see at an angle
    2. Lots of wasted space. Wish they would have made the headset/Speaker/Mute buttons bigger
    3. In a darker office you can see the lights form the network ports flashing udner the phone. Kinda distracting
    4. I had users complain about the lack of a mechnical hang up switch. They like being able to manually use that to hang up and then make new calls. although you can do the same with the soft controls some users are old fashioned.
    5. I like what my GVP said "So how long are HP going to keep making those". eg Before they quit.

    Another note out of 6 4120s we purchased for our pilot 2 had to be RMA'd for issues.

  3. Hi Robert and Soder,

    Two very different opinions and great feedback.

    I noticed that the screen is a little hard to see at times as well but it seems to be only the main screen.

    The mechanical hang up I am less fussed about as I have seen this break with other vendors and I am guessing it is a leading cause of failure of devices when people slam down a handset. I know it was an issue for Cisco phones for a time (not to say they’re the only one). People just have to adjust to using the soft keys. You could even consider it a unique selling point of the device.

    Overall I like the phone even with its size, it adds another option to the selection already available which is a good thing.

  4. Hi Chris,

    Just to let you know the network port/cable notification appears to be a standard Aries feature - I have just been able to re-produce on a CX600.

    - Adam

  5. Sorry Chris, one other thing. This appears to have been there since LPE RTM.

    - Adam

    1. Thanks Adam, I had just never seen it before but thanks for letting everyone know its a long standing feature across the LPE. I am sure it helps with calls to the help desk as this would be a common issue.


  6. As an implementor, I may be have different needs than the average enduser, but for me having network indicator lights is a huge plus! Shows the device is connected properly to the network, obtaining IP, dowloading new sw update, these would be all difficult to see without the lights.


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