Interview with Damaka

This week I am doing my first interview on VoIPNorm. Having been inspired by Justin Morris and his “Interview with a UC Pro” series I  have a short interview with Damaka’s Sales VP Bogdan-George Pintea. Damaka were one of the first partners to produce a mobile client for Lync (Xync) and are working hard to quickly release new features. If you haven't seen  Xnyc its available on iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

How did Damaka get started ?

We started the company in 2004 driven by the vision of building a  total software solution which is standards-based and secure for mobile Unified Communication and Collaboration, targeting Service Providers and Enterprises.  Our team has a telephony background, having built one of the most popular softswitches in market, and we are very standards-centric. We made purposeful efforts to make video conferencing available broadly and we were the first company to release a commercial mobile video conferencing solution in 2007, on Windows Mobile 6.1.

What kind of early success has Damaka had with Xync?

We released an early version of the Xync product line to the App Store and the Android Market and reception has been tremendous. Individual downloads led to many enterprises testing Xync globally.

How does Xync connect back into the Lync infrastructure?

It is worth mentioning that Xync is the only native mobile client for Lync/R2 in market today, connecting directly to Lync servers, without  the need for a gateway. The advantages of this approach include lower cost of ownership, ease of deployment and flexibility in feature development.

What OS's is Xync currently available on?

Currently we are targeting iPhone, iPad and some specific Android smartphones and Android tablet models, Symbian. We are eager to support Windows Phone 7.5 and we hope to have some good news soon.

Any upcoming features you can talk about?

We just completed a group of features that we are particularly excited about: the ability to join scheduled meetings (through Calendar integration), shared whiteboard, PowerPoint sharing and  4-party video conferencing initiated from Xync.

Thanks to Bogdan and good luck to Damaka with the Xync product moving forward.

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  1. Xync is a great idea, but a horrible piece of software. I mean it's designed for mobile devices but cannot handle network disconnects in a sane way - at least on android. The rating in the market tells a story...

    First get stable, then add new features...

  2. I agree with Frank: the current quality would be acceptable (at least) for a public beta, but for a non-free final application thats very weak

  3. Thanks for the feedback so far. I will make sure this reaches the people at Damaka.

    If any one else would like to provide feedback please do, good, bad or indifferent its all important to the product group at Damaka to hear it.

  4. It would be nice if we can test the product before buying it, I'm looking for an app with autodiscovery enable as Xync claims but I have no idea if it works for my environment unless I buy the software. There should be a testing period.

  5. When I answer a call it takes 8 seconds for the audio to work. This occurs with two phones and two different Lync servers. Outbound calls from the phone are better but still a little slow to setup the audio.

  6. I have very little to say about Xync on the Android that's favorable. Once Microsoft comes out with their mobile client that supports VOIP, there's no reason to stay with Xync.

    1. I think the most recent updates on Android were a big improvement. Feel free to get into specifics on what was not so good about your experience.