Just When you Though Lync + Kinect was a Dream

This is pretty cool. Although this is just the beginning it shows what the Lync API’s and the new Kinect API’s can do when put together.

Imaginet Research | Kinect Powered Lync Conversations from Imaginet on Vimeo.

Imaginet Research | Speech Recognition and Lync from Imaginet on Vimeo.



  1. This is fantastic work. I've been waiting for this step forward since last Nov's launch.
    Do you know if Microsoft will be releasing a lync client for the xbox/kinect?

  2. There is a solution developed by a company called Vytru (http://www.vytru.com) that was launched one year ago and it was called LyncKin. It does video conference calls on Lync using motion gestures and voice commands as well. You can take a look a couple of youtube videos here


    Thanks for the great work and thoughts.. seems kinda cool integration!


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