Lync Tabbed Conversations

Ever lost a conversation down in the system tray. Pretty annoying. Well now there is an app for that! The Lync Tabbed Conversations is a free download that PC users can use with their Lync client.

I really like this application. I ran it to begin with just to try it out and see how it worked. After restarting my PC I choose not to start the application up again and go without. What I found was I hated having all my conversations in different windows all over the place. It was much neater and simpler to have them in the one window all the time tabbed. Its pretty easy to remove a conversation from the application and still have it in a separate window though which is great feature. This feature is especially helpful when your in a meeting and sharing content but still need to see other conversations at the same time.


I believe this is a must have application for heavy Lync IM and conferencing users, like myself. Although it’s a separate application it doesn’t seem like it once you start using it. Windows automatically transfer to the Tabbed interface even though they first flash up on the screen independently, which at first seems confusing till you know what to expect. Out of all the plugins for Lync I have tried this is by far the one I have used the most.

Visit the Lync Adoption site to get more details and download this free application.


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