Video: Communications Server 14 - UCMA 3.0

One of the great things about OCS is the development capability that is available with both the client and server API’s. Wave 14 UCMA 3.0, which is a server side managed API, is now taking things to the next level and making it easier to develop with more functionality. This of course requires custom development but when compared to an off the shelf option it can be a significant cost saving. Just recently I had a customer solve a call center recording requirement using the previous version of UCMA which ended up saving them a significant amount of money compared to an off the self-purchase.

Below are some of things that UCMA 3.0 can enable for the contact center and other applications:

Alerts and notifications systems
Self Service
Query/Response BOTs
Interactive Voice Response
Contact Center / Helpdesk
Multi-channel ACD
Presence aware
Supervisor functions, such as listen in, whisper
Conferencing Portals
Reach gateways
Silverlight (Web and Mobile)
Single Number Reach/Click to Call

Enough of me talking about it. Here is a video with Albert Kooiman from the OCS product group to talk about the new features coming in UCMA 3.0 for contact center.

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