Streaming Video Content or Using Two Web Cams during a Lync Meeting using ManyCam

Note:This is an unsupported configuration using a third party to plug in a video stream into Lync via the use of webcam drivers so use at your own risk.

Ever wondered how to stream mpeg or wma video files into a Lync meeting? Or how about using two webcams on the same PC with Lync? I got this question just recently from a company wanting to stream  prerecorded video through Lync to the masses over a Lync meeting. At the time I said no but stupid me should have realized where there is a will there is a way. This is not the most elegant of solutions such as using multicast or something more fancy dedicated to video distribution but it does achieve the desired effect.

Webcam simulator will add a virtual software camera to your operating system to allow you to play the recorded video instead of using your webcam. ManyCam can do the same thing but has a better user interface. Although on the main website it has some really stupid video effects that it shows as its main features it really has some better uses than that in my opinion. I have some snap shots below of a video I have playing during a meeting using ManyCam to inject a .wma file.


The virtual webcam is selected under the video settings in Lync.


The ManyCam software also allows PIP as well so I can have another source used in the same video feed. In this case I am using a web cam as the second feed embedded into the main picture.


In this last screen shot I am using the ManyCam to integrate two web cams on the same PC into the one image that is feed into Lync. This is probably the most useful of all in my opinion because you might want a room view and then a focus in on one presenter.


So far I have found two issues. Firstly is audio when playing prerecorded video. Its not a big issue since you can relay the audio from the playing recording back through a microphone into the meeting but I have yet to find a clean solution. The second is getting rid of the ManyCam inbuilt advertising. Kind of annoying but not something that would force me to stop using it.

I didn’t discover this great use of the ManyCam software but I sure wish I had. It is really cool and I can envision some people getting good use from using it.

Comments welcomed and please let me know if you have tried this or other web cam software to do similar things.


Update: The issue of the advertising was solved by John K who also discovered this clever use of ManyCam. Just unselect the ManyCam logo under effects. Easy. Thanks John.

Virtual Video - no add


  1. I used this software but recently encountered a problem using multiple cameras. We upgraded to C910 and now after about 10 " one cam keeps dropping. Not sure why?

  2. Did you find a way to play the sound of a video in lync ?

  3. Only through playing it through a speaker back into the mic on a USB device. Not the greatest work around but it works. So play the media on your laptop speakers and use the USB Lync audio device as the mic to feed the audio into the stream.

  4. We manage to stream the audio and video using two softwares, manycam and VAC - Virtual audio cable.
    With Manycam, we stream de video, and with VAC we change the output speakers to a virtual line and then change microfone on lync to this line.

    Its treaky but works :)

  5. Thanks for the tip, I will have to try that one out.

  6. This worked great for us. Thank you for the help.

  7. Webcam simulator and ManyCam works fine. It captures videos in good quality without glitches or affecting sound quality.

  8. Go to "text over video" to remove the ManyCam logo for free.

  9. Hi I am using Manycam software to stream video via Lync. I pruchased a licence version of the (VAC)Virtual audio cable to get audio to work with it. The virtual audio device is set to be my default sound device on my PC and Ive set it as the microphone in Lync settings but there is no sound on the Lync user end. They only have the streaming video but no sound. Has anyone any ideas on how to get the sound to work?

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  11. I use Skype for webcam group chat/meeting and MediaGalleryPro™ for play multiple video at one screen in my windows laptop. But after reading this article I became know that ManyCam is also another great software for group webcam meeting. I will try this soon.

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